Our state of the art Strongman equipment has arrived! 

Not familiar with Strongman training?  No problem!  Strongman is about true functional strength.  It is about moving large, heavy objects from point A to point B, something often encountered in life.  Movements include lifting heavy objects from ground to overhead, moving them across a room, etc.  With Strongman training at APL, you will take your strength to a new level.   

Here are 5 reasons you SHOULD train Strongman.

1.  STRONGMAN IS THE REAL DEAL. Real objects, real challenges.

2. CARRYOVER.  The carryover from Strongman into other strength training programs is HUGE!

3. MOVING HEAVY OBJECTS OVER DISTANCE.  This is the foundation for most of our movements in our day to day lives.

4. SHORT AND SWEET.  Strongman training provides a huge amount of "bang for your buck."   Rarely do Strongman events last more than 75 seconds.  However, in that time, you are combining cardiovascular and metabolic training.

5. STRENGTH, STRENGTH, STRENGTH.  Strongman is a combination of static strength training, strength endurance training, and maximal strength training.